Sing With Us

DSC_4080-2Cappella Cantorum is a friendly, welcoming group of singers who love to sing together and make beautiful music.  No audition is required.

For a list of upcoming opportunities to sing with us, click here.


What to Expect

If you’re considering singing with us, but haven’t previously, here are some notes on what to expect:

  • After registration night, look for your name on the rehearsal sign-in sheets near the entry door to the rehearsal space.  Check off you name each night so we know you attended.
  • Plan to be in your seat 5 minutes before rehearsal starts, checked in, with 2 sharpened pencils and a closed bottled water supply.
  • Look up at the Music Director at the beginning and ending of each phrase, even as you read your music.  Do not bury your head in the music; hold it level.
  • Do not wear any perfume, cologne or scented products of any kind at any rehearsal or performance as some members are very sensitive to fragrances.
  • Rehearsal aids will generally be made available at the start of each semester. Working on the music between rehearsals will give you more confidence and allow rehearsal time to be used most productively.
  • If you need help with anything, just ask any Cappella member  – we support each other so we can all have a good time and enjoy singing together! If in doubt about who to ask for a specific topic, you can also reach out to any Board member for help to find the right contact.