Singer Attendance and Dress Policies

If you’re considering singing with us, but haven’t previously, here are some notes of what to expect:

  • Plan to be in your seat 5 minutes before rehearsal starts, checked in, with 2 sharpened pencils and a closed bottled water supply.
  • Look up at the conductor at the beginning and ending of each phrase, even as you read your music.  Do not bury your head in the music.  Hold it level.
  • Do not wear any perfume, cologne or scented products of any kind at any rehearsal or performance as some members are very sensitive to these fragrances.
  • At about mid-point of the rehearsal, we will take a break and enjoy some refreshments and social time.
  • For each MasterWorks Chorus semester, a potluck supper will be held at 6PM prior to a rehearsal.  You’ll find that Cappella Cantorum members also are a very talented bunch of cooks as well!


Attendance Policy
  • Rehearsals are generally held on Mondays from 7:30PM to 9:30PM at John Winthrop Middle School in Deep River.  There will be 1 15 minute break for announcements and refreshments. When the school is closed for holiday or vacation, we generally rehearse at another location, to be determined.
  • For each production, members may miss two rehearsals.
  • At least one Sunday evening make-up rehearsal will be scheduled for each production.
  • If a member misses three regular rehearsals, an audition will be required.  Auditions will be arranged with the Music Director and/or the Accompanist.
  • If a member has more than three absences, they will be referred to the Music Director for a decision as to whether or not they may participate in the concert performances.
  • The first night singer registration is considered a full rehearsal.
  • For MasterWorks Chorus productions, attendance is mandatory at the orchestral rehearsal during the week prior to the performance(s).
  • It is requested that any member finds they are unable to perform in a concert performance, that they please notify the Membership Director or an officer of the board as soon as possible.


MasterWorks Chorus Concert Performance Dress Policy
  • Ladies: black 3/4 sleeve top (available for purchase), black ankle-length skirt, black hosiery, black shoes, simple string of pearls, pearl earrings
  • Gentlemen: black tuxedo, plain white shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black shoes